Name: CMAR Tempe Town Lake Debris Removal
Contract Amount: $1,000,000
Owner: City of Tempe
General Contractor: REDPOINT Contracting
Year: 2017
This project will be carried out to control the prolonged presence of lake-based debris at Tempe town Lake and Stilling Basin. This potentially represents a safety concern for the lake and associated structures during the monsoon season (June to September) and the January-February Rain events, when debris mostly builds up. .Significant releases from Salt River Project’s Granite Reef Dam into the Salt River above Tempe Town Lake as well as other scheduled discharge events coming from their Indian Bend Wastewater Facility can cause significant organic debris (in the form of mats of weeds, bushes, trees and branches) to enter the lake; and the area immediately downstream of the lake. Given our understanding of the project, and experience within the area, particularly dealing with the Flood Control District, REDPOINT will provide safe and efficient means to quickly mobilize required equipment and manpower to collect the debris, with minimal disruption to ongoing park and lake surface activities; and transport it safely and efficiently into waste receptacles for disposal. Surface debris that is too heavy for manual removal from boats will be transported to the sides of the lake, and then physically lifted off the surface of the lake, over the seat wall, and out of the lake. Debris may also be submerged, and will require diving services in combination with surface/shore removal services to remove debris from the lake. Our diver crew will engage with debris concentration either by boat or by water, depending on the positioning of the debris. Moreover, most debris that goes over the dam will end up downstream in the superstructure called the “stilling basin”, a concrete trough nearly 1000’ long, and ~50’ wide, which contains numerous appurtenances and sensitive instrumentation related to the functioning of the dam. While the activities associated with this project represent an immediate need, care must be taken not to damage the basin or associated appurtenances installed in it when using heavy machinery in this area. In order to ensure the smoothness of our operations, our team is in constant coordination with City representatives, Flood Control District, Arizona Department of Transportation, other local authorities and relevant establishments to ensure our compliance with all engineering and safety protocols during the removal process.