REDPOINT’s breadth of services is centered around heavy civil and utility infrastructure work scopes. This umbrella covers many specialty scopes on which REDPOINT excels at.


Mass Ex, Structural Ex

REDPOINT counts on a wide range of specialized equipment and machinery operated by competent trained workforce to perform our earthwork services for both Commercial and Residential projects including Sewer and water, Grading, Site clearing and grubbing, Foundations, Footings, Mass and Structural Excavation.

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Wet Utilities


REDPOINT specializes in pipeline installation. Works include new water mains, service lines, existing lines realignment, pipeline removal and abandonment, civil earthworks, and site excavations. Our overall experience with numerous contracts varying in size and complexity enables us to undertake a variety of projects for our clients.

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Storm Structures

Box Culverts, Storm Structures, Concrete Channel, SD Pump Stations

Our company installs stormwater management structures designed to collect and control runoff from precipitation. We have installed precast concrete and cast in place manholes, catch basins, headwalls, box culverts and concrete channels for various stormwater replacement projects, under roads, railways and runways as drainage culverts, underpasses or service ducts.

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Pump Station and Structures

SS Pump Station, Junction Structures

REDPOINT performs the Installation and Maintenance of Lift stations and similar sewer systems designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation. We offer service to individual systems, community and municipal clients, businesses and industry.

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Sewer Treatment

ET Beds, Leach Fields, Septic Tanks

Our company has a broad range of experience installing structures for various methods of Wastewater treatment. Our areas of expertise cover ET systems, used for full water containment; septic tank systems; and Leach or drainage fields to dissipate the effluent from a water-based collection and allow for partial or further treatment.

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Sewer Rehab and Lining

Manhole Rehab, CIPP Lining

Restoration services for sanitary sewer collection systems.. REDPOINT performs comprehensive rehabilitation of manholes and pipelines, including epoxy coatings for concrete and steel as well as through the process of CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe).

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Erosion & Flood Control

Gabions, RipRap, Grouted RipRap, Hard armor erosion control

REDPOINT performs work to correct and mitigate erosion and/ or flood with control systems for any need in any application. Our teams are proficient in the use of gabion and riprap as an alternative to concrete walls, and in hard armor erosion control mechanisms, among others. Our experience covers a wide variety of projects including channel lining, pipeline protection, bridge/abutment protection, and also the stabilization of stream banks, or slopes in areas where ground conditions are unstable and prone to shifting or sliding.

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Pipe Fusion

HDPE Fusion

REDPOINT has experience installing HDPE pipelines joined by the method of thermal butt fusion, as outlined in ASTM D 2657. We have successfully completed several HDPE fusion projects for public and private clients.

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REDPOINT has extensive experience with projects that require installation, maintenance and monitoring of bypass pumping. We provide temporary bypass systems for transferring water flows and maintaining sewer or water services uninterrupted when needed.

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SCADA, PLC, I&C and Electrical

We perform the installation of complex mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and SCADA systems required to run pump stations, water/ wastewater treatment facilities and water reservoirs.

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Buildings and Walls

Block Wall, WWTP, Building

REDPOINT performs work including CMU walls, buildings and structures associated with wastewater treatment plants.

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Trenchless Technology

REDPOINT has extensive experience in trenchless construction and installation of steel casing under roadways or other inaccessible areas for the installation of underground utilities. Our crews are Confined Space Certified and have worked in projects ranging from 12” to 66” jack & bore, Directional Drill, including the required excavation and set-up of the bore pits.

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Rock Excavation

Our rock excavation and surface preparation services are executed by our most experienced crews in the trade. These services are commonly required when laying foundation of commercial and residential buildings, construction projects on highways and other public infrastructure developments.

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REDPOINT provides residential, commercial and heavy industrial paving services that include sweeping, pavement repair, sealcoating, complete removal and replacement of existing paved areas, overlay of existing asphalt surfaces, repair and replacement of concrete curbs and sidewalks, installation of new pavement areas such as driveways, parking areas,walkways, and private roads, among others.

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Dry Utilities

REDPOINT provides dry utilities installation for infrastructures, housing developments and all types of projects. Services include utility location, trenching, boring, directional drilling, plowing or excavating as required. Our service includes distribution and mainline construction for electric and natural gas.

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