REDPOINT Contracting is a multidisciplined contractor founded and headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, with roots entrenched in the underground construction industry.
Since its inception, the company has developed a valuedriven philosophy that turns our clients demands into well-planned and executed construction projects.
Our overall goal is to generate sustainable returns for the company by delivering superior construction services and management to our clients, while providing the highest levels of professionalism, safety standards, and quality craftsmanship.


Our company recognizes the increasing need to find creative ways to offset rising costs in labor, material and energy and work to achieve those goals through waste reduction. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, efficient performance is the key to success.

The following practices are implemented to ensure that duplication, material waste, and miscommunication are replaced by efficiency and responsiveness within all projects:

  • REDPOINT makes use of today’s latest, cloud-based, fully paperless technology to run at maximum efficiency. Some of the systems we employ include: Hard Dollar, Textura, Planswift, Gradebeam, Fleetmatics GPS and CMIC for project controls.
  • Access to real time photo captures keeps the managers and executives updated of field activities.
  • 48-hour project buyout process, mandating a project be bought out within 48 hours, streamlining every step of the project life cycle.
  • REDPOINT only works with trusted and qualified vendors and subcontractors.
  • 100% cloud-based streamlined submittals process.
  • Every project is required to have a comprehensive job start checklist completed prior to the LEAN Last Planner conference.
  • No field resources are committed to a project until the last planner session is complete.


REDPOINT has implemented a cloud-based business model that works as a seamless distributed network from field operations to construction management and on to preconstruction. The role of technology begins with the software and wireless applications used in preconstruction setup and information sharing, continues through a collaborative cloud-based effort and ultimately ends in the field by enhancing the performance and safety of the crews. Every foreman has a smartphone and laptop with access to all pertinent project information at their fingertips.

Real-time pictures and reports of progress are uploaded throughout the day so that all teams may refer to a specific point in the project as needed for communication or adjustments.


REDPOINT is at the forefront of a LEAN philosophy. Our goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a value creation process that has zero waste. In order to achieve this, we have embraced the breakthrough technology changes in cloud computing and combined them with the lessons from lean planning and the collaborative, commitment-based planning system.


REDPOINT takes on the primary responsibility of ensuring the development of a realistic plan to mitigate possible changes and the effective management of a project schedule that will complete the project on time. Our strong risk management approach ensures that our crews are able to work in all situations with minimal risk. We aim to systematically identify, assess and control risks in the design, planning and implementation of the projects we deliver.

“REDPOINT Civil Construction General Contractor performed a very admirable job and is to be commended for their excellent work. They followed all the safety guidelines laid out on a daily basis, worked with all parties connected to the project, cleaned up after every day’s work, and did a great job in communicating to all parties involved with the project”.

Dan Beltran
Facilities Director
Wild Horse Pass
Development Authority


REDPOINT believes that keeping high quality standards is not only smart business, but is also the right thing to do. Consistent quality is accomplished by stressing three key principles— customer satisfaction, employee involvement and continuous process improvement.

Every employee in the company works diligently to cultivate this culture of quality management for the benefit of our clients and the organization. Quality Management is essential to delivering a project that meets our clients’ standards. Our team will develop and implement a comprehensive process that includes every aspect of the project, from conception through construction completion and closeout documentation.

The tools REDPOINT uses to ensure quality are:

  • Customer feedback system
  • Supplier and subcontractor management
  • Process management
  • Effective communication system
  • Top management buy-in
  • Training plans
  • Monitoring process
  • Recognition and reward
  • Empowerment and involvement


One of the ways each project and client benefit from REDPOINT’s approach to technology is through the availability and response of the equipment needs on a jobsite. By requesting equipment to the project electronically through our GPS system, not only is the equipment located seamlessly, but it is tracked and inventoried in real-time, saving your project critical time and therefore, money.

REDPOINT provides a superior line of equipment to meet a variety of needs. Should there be a specific

need for additional equipment, we are still able to assist you via our considerable resource network. On order to streamline the project and keep efficiency and safety priority on site, equipment entering and/or leaving a project site is noted by a set alert via Fleetmatics. This technology also allows for utilization reports to be received weekly for review in order to make adjustments as needed. As a result, REDPOINT is prepared with a fully equipped crew ready for any job, anywhere at anytime.


The construction industry as a whole has a significant impact on the environment. It is paramount that the industry takes action and responsibility within its own jurisdiction to safeguard the environment.

The efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle achieve sustainability and creates awareness for every employee at Redpoint. Each understands their own responsibility to minimize waste, emissions and green-house gases that are generated through respective construction activity.

Redpoint Contracting’s cloud-based system further reduces waste generated from paper usage and commuting. We use a considerable amount of HDPE, DI Pipe, Aggregate and Asphalt materials that are sourced from Recycled material. Redpoint also implements Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans unique to each project.

We believe that educating the best practices for each of our employees will prevent and reduce pollution and waste. Redpoint has it in mind for each of its projects to plan for a minimal environmental impact, forecasting future risks throughout the product life cycle.

At Redpoint, we adhere to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Sustainability code of practice and legislation and also client standards with careful consideration. We also work with local community leaders for sustainability as we realize the uniqueness of each project. We also make an effort to be current on the latest trends for sustainability to make sure our program is relevant for such.