Name: Wastewater Collection System Manhole Rehab Phase Iii
Contract Amount: $849,000.00
Owner: City of Glendale
General Contractor: REDPOINT Contracting
Year: 2016
Rehabilitation and/or replacement of existing sanitary sewer pipe, lateral service connections and access manholes; and the replacement of existing potable water pipe, isolation valves, fire hydrant and fittings according to City Standards and Maricopa Association of Governments. For the Open Cut Installation, REDPOINT performed all excavation, backfill, compaction and surface restoration and provided/installed piping, fittings and couplings to reconnect sanitary service laterals to reestablish gravity service to adjacent properties. Likewise, the company installed a new pre-cast concrete sanitary sewer access manholes including an interior epoxy protective coating, along with ring and cover, and formed bench and channel interior. During the Pipe Rehabilitation process, REDPOINT installed Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining into the interior of the existing sanitary sewer pipe and reinstated lateral access openings to reestablish sanitary sewer service to adjacent properties. Finally, for the Manhole Rehabilitation, the company installed a protective epoxy coating to the interior of newly installed and existing concrete manholes.