Name: GRIC District 3 Cholla Rd
Contract Amount: $154,592.00
Owner: Gila River Indian Community
General Contractor: REDPOINT Contracting
Year: 2012
The project performed in District 3 within the Gila River Indian Community, included the construction of a 12" water main. The work included the mobilization of equipment, initial construction surveys, furnishing and installation of approximately 3,300 lineal feet of 12"C900 PVC water mains and other water lines, excavation of trenches, completion of connections to existing water mains, installation of complete fire hydrant assemblies, installation of valves and boxes, potholing, removal and replacement of sidewalk, removal and replacement of existing pavement, trench backfill, compaction of trenches and adjustment of valve covers. In addition, it also included the preparation of "As-Built" surveys (in electronic format) of the water main and related construction, pressure testing, chlorination of new water lines, site clean-up, and de-mobilization.